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How to create Google My business account

How to create Google My business account

How to create Google my business account for free for your business

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How to create Google My Business account

How to create Google my business account for free for your business

Now that you have made running, that’s a huge achievement! But we want to let you know that you have completely done up something. Isn’t it?

Because your business needs to be visible to your intended audience when they perform a search using Google or any other search engines.

Google my business increases organic traffic of your business. Increase in traffic leads to an increase in sales in your business.

In this article, we will show you how to easily create Google my business account for your business.

Note: presently, Google my Business is known as Business Profile.

How to create Google My business account in Nigeria

How to create your business profile on Google​

Google My Business is a free tool designed by Google to enable the businesses get an opportunity to boost their online presence at no cost.

Building an online presence especially at the earlier stage is a little bit difficult to some businesses, hence, Google created Google My Business in 2014 help small business owners succeed their online business.

Google my business helps your business appears on Google search to any body that search for something that relate to your your product or services.

It also show your address, phone number, email address and many on Google.

To use Google my business platform successfully, the category of your business must not be illegal, for example, it must not be an adult business, weapon business and more related types.

Google my business doesn’t have a requirement. In fact, if you have a Gmail email address, then you are automatically allowed to use it.

Let’s find out the steps and procedures involved in creating Google my business account.

How to create Google Business account

#1. Create Gmail address

The first step involved to create Google Business Account/Profile is having a Gmail address. 

Gmail is a type of email address powered by Google. It is easy and free to create. All you have to create it is using your name, date of birth, address and telephone number.

If you don’t have Gmail address, Google will not allow you to create business profile for your business. If you haven’t gotten Gmail address, here is the link to help you get started.

Now, let’s back to the next step.

#2. Visit Google my business account creating page

  • Click “Manage now” button as shown in the image above
  • Enter your business name
  • Select your business category
  • Enter your business contact details such as website, telephone, email address, etc.

#3. Enter your business hours

  • Add business hours, images, phone numbers and other important details to your Google business profile as it will help your customers aware your business operates and also be able to easily contact you.

#4. Enter your business description

Your business description is the services you offer, products or goods you sell or what your business is really about.

In this step, please don’t prolong your description. In fact, fifty (50) is okay for you.

Business description helps people get insights of what your business or company is about. It can also help you appear on Google search when people search for a keyword that relates to your business.

Google provides 750 words for you to enter your business description. Before you write up to 750 words, please make sure you add things that relate to your business.

For example, you can use a this description if your business is related to website development: “We are the top best website developer and designer located at Idah, Kogi State. We also offer graphic design, software development, SEO services, digital marketing, etc.”

#5. Verifying your business profile

Now, after successfully created your business profile with Google My Business, Google will very to know that an address and contact details you provided are correct.

If your Google my Business account is not verified, your profile and business will not show to the public but you will be able to edit any information on it.

Depending on your business category and location, Google may verify your account by sending code via standard post office, SMS, video call, etc.

It can take a few weeks for your updated business info to show across Google after verification.

Please note if you change your business information in future such as its name, category, location, etc. Google will require you to re-verify your account in order to make sure no any illegal business is found on Google my Business platform.

If you opt-in to verify via post office, your verification code may arrive from two to three weeks. In the event that it fail to get reached to your post office, you can still re-apply to send you the duplicate or via another method.

Verifying using other methods like phone call, text, email, or video is instant.

#6. Add your business contents

  • Add photos, videos, article, etc. of your business to your Google My Business profile.

In this step, if you are not creative of making an engaging contents such as editing image, video, articles, etc., then hire someone who is good at them.

Try to post new content every week in order  to make people know that you are still doing business. 

#7. Strive to get people's review

As a digital marketer, your customers’ voices are your business strength. A review can lead people not to take part in your business.

The best way to get people’s review is sending your Google my Business review link to your customers. Also learn how to reply to negative and positive review as your future customers will see all those reviews.

#8. Check your analytics

Now that you have successfully created your Google My Business Account, it is recommended to check your analytics sometimes to know how many people see your business, keyword that lead them to see you, their location, gender, interest, etc. 

To check your analytics, visit your Google My Business dashboard and click Analytics. Then you analytics will show to you.

How to check your analytics on your Google My Business dashboard


Google My Business is very essential for any type of business to have an account for. It help your business reach to a large number of potential audiences.

Recently, Google has added a feature that enables you advertise your business profile to reach more people in the event that your business category is competitive.

Google my Business advertising

In the next guide we are going to write, we shall discuss with you how to advertise or promote your Google My Business account to reach your potential audiences.

Now, our question for you: how have you gone about creating Google business account for your business? Have you created it successfully?

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